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we want to tell

LongoPongo Productions


SCRIPTWe develop your idea and concept into the final script

"and... ACTION"We film your story and provide all the equiment and talent for the production

EditingThe final part of the writing process: here the story comes to life!

Digital campaignWe'll advice you on how to be seen the most and showcase your video content

Whether you are an independent professional, a non-profit organisation or a business, we know how to express your unique features and craft them into a dynamic and captivating series of images that is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention.

It is the story about you that we want to tell and this is why we are a different and more personable video production company. Our friendly and expert team will ensure that you and your business stand out from the crowd.

And we can do all that for the most affordable price in our sector.

LongoPongo Production - What we doLet us tell YOUR story

Corporate film
Art and Education Films
Startups and Crowdfunding films
Health and Wellbeing films
Social media films

About Us

Creative Director & Founder

Evelin Longo

Evelin is an Italian filmmaker based in London. She trained in Los Angeles with an MFA in Film Production at USC. She worked in many film and TV productions in California.

She now combines her passion for making movies, travelling and meeting new people with her ability to tell individual stories.

She believes there is a Hollywood Star in all of us and a Big Brand in every business no matter the size: you just need the right filmmaker to grab your fabulousness and let it shine in your video.

Communications & Design/Motion Graphic

Manuela Fiori

Manuela is a creative with an extensive experience in both Design and Digital Marketing.

Thinking outside the box is the foundation of her design process, her illustrations and motion graphics.

She believes in the importance of making visual and video content look outstanding and original and she knows how to implement the power of strong images with successful marketing strategies.

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